Monday, August 21, 2017

Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español Dos!!

Today was pretty chill.
We did a "Get to know you" activity in English before we head into MAJOR SPANISH MODE
I handed out the disclosure documents

Your homework assignment was "Expresiones de la Clase" and all you had to complete was the little conversation between Juan and Maria.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Health May 4 2017

Today we had 2 Utah County Major Crimes Drug Officers and a recovering drug addict today. If you missed today you must write a 2 page type-written paper answering these questions:

Why do people become addicts?
How many overdoses happened nationwide in 2016? In Utah?
Where does Utah rank in drug overdoses?
Which drugs are most prevalent in Utah County?
Where do you go if you have a drug problem?
What are the most common charges for those with a drug addiction?
Can you force someone to go to rehab?
What is the name of our school resource officer?

Who is the head of major crimes Utah County?
What does having a Felony conviction prevent you from doing?

espanol dos y tres

We have taken the IOP DOP test. This is the last test until the Final. You may re-take as many times as you need in the next two weeks.

Everyone should have a Final Project topic and a partner. This is worth 100 points and will be presented the last 4 days of class before the Final.

You must do your bienvenida before last day of class!

I will be providing a time to meet in my classroom with my Spanish 3 class to have a conversation for 30 minutes that you can use for your Spanish lab or for an extra credit lab. Info to come soon!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Health April 26, 2017

Today we used the entire period working on your Drug Projects with your partners. These are due on May 2nd!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

el 25 de marzo español dos y tres

We reviewed this homework from sub. We also wrote these sentences on the back of your homework sheet.

Go to the great practice links and do the IOP DOP activities!!