Wednesday, March 15, 2017

español dos y tres el 14 de marzo

So today!!!

We gave stamps for OP in packet.

We went over how important it is for you to check your packet against the key and how that is done.
You can't get past stamps! Do your homework on time!
Do your activities when everyone is doing them and I will give you a stamp. That is on you to get the stamp! If you don't have one on the speaking activity, don't bother to turn it in:(

I reminded you of how much extra credit I offer!
Spanish lab this week is worth 30 out of 20
Extra credit spanish labs up to 25 points (5 per)
Pesos extra credit
2 extra credit stamps on Calendars

Make sure to look at your bright pink 1/4 slip for upcoming dates!!!!
March 21st - last stamps for packet and packet is extra credit
March 23rd - packet worth full points until 3:00 pm
March 27th - packets docked 20 points until 3:00 pm
March 29th - packets docked 30 points until 3:00 pm
March 31st - packets docked 40 points and no longer accepted after 3:00 pm

Health March 14, 2017

Today we watched the rest of Cheaper By the Dozen and went over the test for next time. I also extended due date on packets but not on RBA's- they were due the 14th.

Here is what to know for the test:

C's of Healthy Relationships on how they are important.

Five Stages of Grief and reasons you would grieve


Ways or Modes we communicate
Non-verbal- 70%
Tone, Pitch -

TedTalk by Amy Cuddy about Nonverbal Communication

Funnel of Intimacy vs. Relationship Track

Hold Hands
Make out
Sexual Intercourse


Dating Exclusively

3 Skills of Conflict Resolution

1 - Think Win-Win
2 - Seek first to Understand Then to be Understood
3 - Synergize to come up with a solution

3 Ingredients of an I message
I feel, when, because

Communication Styles: know definitions (in your notes)

Know Cheaper By the Dozen

Questions I should ask myself before I post something online

Would the adults in my life - parents, relatives, teachers, coaches and employers - think this is appropriate?
Could this get me into trouble at school or with the law?
Who might be hurt or embarrassed by this content?
Does it give any information about me or another person that should not be shared?
What does this content say about the kind of person I am? Is that how I want to be seen?

How could this impact my future opportunities, such as scholarships, college acceptances and employment?

Monday, March 13, 2017

español dos y tres el 13 de marzo

First day of 4th Term!!!
We did a HUGE speaking activity that took most of the period and you received a stamp on it by the end of the period (you cannot make this up except by doing a lab or other extra credit)
You also received a stamp on the blue warm-up we did last time.
The tarea was KLMN and next time it will be OP and the rest of the assignments are on your calendar. No EXCUSES for not having homework completed!! It doesn't matter if you are absent because you know what the homework is and the bright pink 1/4 sheet tells you all of the deadlines. The deadlines are also NON-Negotiable. This packet will be 1/4 of your grade this last term and you actually have access to the key so COME IN before or after school to check a few exercises.

Spanish 3! Don't forge that we have a field trip March 21st and you need to pay $3 to finance office before we leave. This field trip is worth 100 points and we will be preparing for it and I will be watching your interactions with the students while there. This is a privilege and I want to know that you get that!! If for whatever reason you are unable to attend you will be given a HUGE assignment as a makeup.

Friday, March 10, 2017

español dos y tres

Collected Pink Calendars today. They are in Skyward! Except for extra credit labs and duolingo, your grades are final!!
We watched "Cuerdas"
We will fill out the worksheet next week.
We also took the 4B verb will be on 4th term.
i gave you a blue paper for a warm-up
And you have been assigned KLMN in your packets.
Please stay caught up on your packets and come check the key or you will be sorry when it is due!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Health March 8, 2017

Today we talked about Dating!! Here is the PowerPoint
Here is the one for Conflict Management as well
Do the dating interview on the back of your packets with your parents! Don't let them see your answers until you have both filled it out!!

We are turning in packets on Friday!
We are not having test until next week!!
I would love to get some RBA's on Friday but they won't be late until Tuesday!!

We will be watching "Cheaper By the Dozen" on Friday!!!

Happy End of Term!!! Only 1 more left!!!!:)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

español dos y tres el 7 de marzo

In both classes.

I gave stamps for D,E,F in Irregular Preterit Packets!!
Students are beginning to check their packets against the key...before school, during lunch, after school,

We listened to "Que Hiciste" by Jennifer Lopez
We did a speaking activity

You were assigned G, H, I and J for Thursday.

Only Calendars left for non-extra points!
Extra Credit/Make-up work good through Thursday!

Verb Quiz on Thursday 4B. Will not be on this term!