Wednesday, April 19, 2017

el 19 de abril español dos y tres

Today we covered double pronouns

  1. They can never be separated
  2. You can't Le Lo in Mexico
  3. People come before things
  4. Se replaces IOP

Verb Quiz 9B on Friday.
Thursday is due date for Irregular Preterite re-takes
Due date for 7B on Tuesday and due date for 8B on Thursday

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Health 4.17.-17

Today we had the adoption presentation.

Know the Success Sequence
1. Education
2. Job
3. Marriage
4. Kids

If you move the kids up to any other location your chances of living in poverty go from 1 in 10 to 2 to 1.

español dos y tres

We didn't do stamps from Homework sub gave you so on Wednesday.

We will be getting caught up with bienvenidas!
We will be getting stamps: Pink Paper, Buff Paper, and Yellow Paper. 2 are IOP/ DOP and the other is on Commands and you did a Positive and a Negative Command.

Thursday is the last day to re-take your Irregular Preterit Verbs
We will take Verb Quiz 9B on Friday.

Health April 16 Drug Unit

I assigned you a drug project. You drew a specific drug and you have a partner. You will be writing a paper answering the appropriate questions and doing a visual project as well.

100 points of this is required. Anything above and beyond that will be extra credit.

Marijuana PowerPoint


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

el 13 de abril español dos y tres

I have to go to a Health Conference unexpectedly today. I have some review papers and a some IOP/DOP papers for you to do during class. They will ALL be due next time.

You will still do assigned Bienvenidas and give a copy to the substitute.

You will still take the Verb Quizf 8b. Check quizlet for a review!!

Health April 12, 2017

We had a sub last time. You filled out three drug sheets by looking at the Truth about Drugs booklets and turned in Notes on the Covey Chapter for participation points.

Today we talked about the Drug Culture and then we spoke more specifically about Marijuana. You filled out the five questions at the end of the packet regarding Marijuana. You also read in the Truth about Drugs book about the Drug Culture in groups and wrote down a summary and turned in for participation points.